The Logyline mark

What is the mark?

The mark is designed and developed by Logyline, necessary for the creation of a project containing 2 or more photos taken at the client’s location.

To achieve a successful integration of 3D on several photos (Augmented Reality), we need to define the perspective and the scaling of the project. This is possible by using a square or rectangular marker visible in the photos and whose dimensions are known.

By using the mark, we use an object whose shape (square) and dimensions (1.40 meter) are recognized by the software, thus simplifying the creation of the photo-montage project.

In summary, the mark also serves as a common reference point between photos to create a multiview project while ensuring scale and perspective.

What can be done with the mark?

  • projects from several angles, to reinforce the projection effect of the final client thanks to the Augmented Reality project that you will have presented to him
  • a swimming pool or a shade sail and all its environment, integrated to scale on the photos, so that the customer realizes concretely the proportions of his future arrangement
  • the correspondence between all the integrated photos: the 3D project is integrated on all the photos in the same realistic logic.

How does the Logyline’s mark work?

As shown in the video, the Logyline mark is supplied in a practical and easy to carry case.

The mark is composed of a 3D printed base and 4 aluminum profiles on which are positioned 3 black balls and 1 red ball. Each profile fits into the central base.
Allow a few seconds to mount the mark.

Choose the most appropriate place to position the mark in the client’s garden, making sure that the mark is fully visible in all the photos, at the location of the future pool for example.

One view Project

Few views Project

Frequently asked questions

Can I work on several photos without a mark?

A square or rectangular marker, preferably horizontal, sufficiently large is essential (minimum 1 m.)

Is the purchase of the mark mandatory?

In the case of a STANDARD or STANDARD DT subscription (Pool version only), the mark is strongly recommended.

How do I create my project if I forget to put the mark?

You will still be able to create your project in Augmented Reality. In the case of a project with several photos, the manipulations will be longer and more tedious. In a single photo project, you already don’t need the mark, so there will be no impact.

Can I replace the mark with another square or rectangular object, such as a tarp?

You can replace the mark with another object, however, you must take care of the characteristics of the latter: the marker must be square or rectangular, its dimensions must be large enough, the angles must be right… You might as well use the mark, which was designed to make your life easier.

How do I get a test pattern?

You can order the Logyline sight on ourwebsite. Click here


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